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The Dohne Merino Breed Society says farewell to Cameron McMaster

The passing away of Cameron McMaster will surely leave an empty space but the legacy of this past manager and honorary life member of the Dohne Merino Breed Society, will stay alive for generations to come. Continue reading

Fertility Is Significant

“WE WENT into Dohnes to get a self-replacing flock type ewe whose wether progeny, when they are in a purebred basis, will be more competitive as prime lamb carcasses, with the ewes producing better quality wool. Continue reading

Dohne Substantially Increasing In Uruguay

“Education; the key to high performing flocks”. THE DEVELOPMENT of Dohne in South America is progressing well. The breed has a tremendous future due to Dohne’s ability to increase sheep returns while reducing management costs. Continue reading

Developing countries behind INCREASING DEMAND

DOHNE breeders who converged on Uruguay earlier this year were told the breed has a long-term future impacting sheep production on a global scale if producers remain true to the breed’s genetic potential. Continue reading

Australian Sheep And Wool Show

THE DOHNE Pavilion will be a buzz of activity for sheep breeders and interested visitors with a big showing of first class Dohne genetics all under the one roof. Continue reading

History Of The Dohne

SINCE ITS inception (South Africa 1939) the aim of the Dohne has been well defined, with the breeding objective to improve meat, wool and reproductive traits.

The initial cross was between a Peppin Merino and the German Mutton Merino. This… Continue reading

The Ethics of breeding Dohne Sheep


Processor’s Vertically Integrated Enterprise

Average daily gains are 350 grams across the 45-50 day feed period. Mr Peat has been impressed with the Dohne’s easy care traits, fertility and mothering ability. Continue reading

Dohne Merino In Uruguay

THE PRE-TOUR and International Dohne Conference takes place in Uruguay from 16 to 20 April 2018, will be followed by a post Conference tour through Argentina and Chile from 23 to 29 April. Continue reading

Dohne Flock Leads The Way In Certification

AN AUSTRALIAN Dohne flock is leading the way in ethically raised and produced wool by selling one of the first clips offered under the international Responsible Wool Standard. Continue reading
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