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Reproductive performance plus in South Australia

FERTILITY - THE ULTIMATE PROFIT DRIVER “Fertility is one of the main drivers for profit in the sheep flock, and certainly a key measure in assessing flock reproduction and genetic improvement in studs.” Continue reading

It’s a no brainer: wool keeps you warm and we wouldn’t wear anything else!

We found that as well as the constant warmth, our woollen products were comfortable, breathable, soft, light, and felt fresh Continue reading

ASBVs – What does it all mean?

“Net Lambs Born (NLB) EBV advantage of Dohne rams that have entered the Merino Superior Sires comparison averages 22% higher than the merino ( accessed 9th May 2017)." Dr Graham Lean, Agrivet Business Consultancy, Hamilton VIC Continue reading

Tassie back to back carcass winners

“ The Dohne produces an award winning, high yielding (up to 49 per cent) prime lamb carcass with attributes being equal to the commonly known terminal breeds with one exception – less fat.” Continue reading

Hands on education – the practical advantage

As part of the subjects offered, Tocal students have been involved in the running of the self-replacing Dohne flock. From this, we have witnessed the advantages of high fertility, fast growth rates and exceptional wool quality that are considered standard to the Dohne breed. Continue reading

Dohne substantially increasing in Uruguay

“The Dohne has established itself as a major Sheep breed originating in South Africa and over the last 19 years spreading to Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Peru and Russia.” Continue reading

Combination of traits gives Dohne advantage in northern NSW

"It was a business decision to pursue the meat market and it’s been a good one. The Dohnes are easy to manage, are highly fertile, do well in the feedlot and yield well.’’ Continue reading

Dohne synergy is too hard to ignore

DOHNES play a vital role in the Scotney family operation at Badgingarra. “There’s too many synergies between cropping and sheep that I can’t imagine farming without them,” John Scotney said. “In terms of weed control their value is clear, but with prices where they are these days, they’re fairly profitable on their own too.” Continue reading

Dohnes fit the bill at South Stirlings

IN his own words Ashton Hood isn’t doing “anything too special” with the Dohne sheep flock he runs with his family at South Stirlings. But the fact that they are looking to increase sheep numbers and are sticking with Dohnes after first trying them six years ago is a good sign. Continue reading

Western Australia – Awex and wool buyers acceptance

WOOL buyer Steve Noa said that Dohne wool is up there with its Merino counterpart being snapped up in auction rooms across the country to fill orders for Chinese and Indian processors. Continue reading
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