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Backcrossing argument carries no weight

Sheep producers backcrossing away from the Dohne breed to Poll Merinos with the perception of improving wool quality have been urged to consider their gross margins. Australian Dohne Breeders Association vice-president John Nadin said the backcrossing trend emerging from this year’s spring ram sales was a matter of growers and agents misunderstanding the breed’s role in the Australian sheep industry. Continue reading

Dohne Lamb delights MasterChef

Growing up in Sydney I was always a long way from the land. But having grown up in a very normal Australian family who loved a good old fashioned roast, chop, cutlet, kidney and shank, oh and even these days Dad’s more exotic butterflied lamb leg, lamb was always on the menu. Our family loved our Aussie lamb and still do. 

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Dohne advantage included in management changes

In the challenging environment of the Lower Lakes area of South Australia, John McAnaney and his family are well used to the need for production efficiencies on their 2,360 hectare property to keep their ‘head above water’. Continue reading

Next Generation Farming

WOOL has been the cornerstone of agriculture since early settlement, but a wave of innovative young farmers are giving the prized Merino a new twist to tailor a sheep that suits country Tasmania.

Boundaries of thinking are being pushed to produce a dual-purpose Merino that retains its fine wool traits but also has the meat of a fat lamb.

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Traditional wool producers change for the better

Wool production runs deep in the veins of the Hall family from ‘Carunna Vale’, near Jamestown. Peter and Jenny Hall and their son Tim currently farm their 1,575 hectare family property, the family having been top and specialist wool producers since 1885. Continue reading

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