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April Newsletter

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Council Roadshow Report
Last month council commenced a four state roadshow informing members about the past, present and future plans for the Dohne breed.
Western Australia and South Australia are completed with Victoria and NSW still to be conducted.
The Presentation covered;

  • National Promotions
    • Past, Present and Future
  • Social Media
    • Our first years’ performance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Communications
    • Domestic and International
  • Genomics
    • Information Nucleus Flock (INF)
    • Importance of both individual and breed participation
  • Technical
    • Index
    • Mating options
  • Breed Standards
    • Importance of good and timely data submission, in particular reproduction data.
  • Genetic Trends
    • Performance graphs
  • Trials/Benchmarking
    • Muresk update and future plans
    • Agrivet and the GrassGrow simulator

Thank you to all members that were able to attend. Council appreciated the feedback they received during the roadshow, through discussion and the questionnaire members filled in.
A big thank you to the presenters; Allen Kelly, Rachel Browne, Rhys Parsons and John Nadin and the Power Point creators; Tanya Barton, Rachel Browne and Allen Kelly.

Councillor Rhys Parson discussing Social Media to WA members.

Council Roadshow in South Australia.


2017 Journal
National Promotions have decided to produce a high quality journal similar to that produced between 2004 and 2012. The journal will be published prior to the ram selling season and will be designed to cover the Post World Merino Conference Dohne tour in Uruguay form 16 – 20 April 2018.
With proofing set down for May 24 its imperative that your ad booking be submitted to Tess Dawes asap. Booking Entry Form



Sheep Genetics Upcoming Regional Forums
Inverell  –  Tuesday  16 May
Cowra  –  Tuesday  23 May

Victoria – Ballarat  Tuesday  30 May
South Australia – Burra  Tuesday  6 June
Western Australia – Brookton  Thursday 15 June


Social Media Open your eyes to the power of Social media.

Why is Social Media so important:

  • Showcase Your Brand
  • Increase Digital Exposure
  • Boost Website Traffic and Search Engine Ranking
  • Large Audience
  • Cut Marketing Costs

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Most breeders’ ewes have started or are about to start lambing. This is a great opportunity to get some promotional pictures up on social media. Let us know yours and your clients results including photos by text or email to Tanya Barton 0429 208 674  .


Blood cards for Genomics : FREE TO SUBMIT
Breeders are encouraged to collect blood samples from key sires and dams and send to SG. Any sheep can be sampled, but those with tested progeny will yield more rapid genomic results for the breed. Individuals may not see results in the short term, but as a breed society we need to get the genomics to back up our current testing and ensure we don’t get left behind in the technology stakes. Allen Kelly is the contact for more information, his details are on the sidebar.

SG Blood Card all


Brett’s Blurb (Brett Wilson, Dohne Data Manager)
These articles are aimed at providing some tips and tricks that might help you.
To start with there will be a series of articles on getting the most out of your Dohne recording.

Part 1: Pre-joining work – Data Check-up.
It is common commercial practice to visually inspect and/or condition score all ewes and sires prior to joining. I think they all should also get a data check-up as well.
ASBVs change over time particularly as ewes and sires become “progeny tested” and having the latest information available will ensure more informed decisions can be made.

1. Capture IDs
When the ewes and sires go through the yards prior to joining for visual inspection or condition score assessment capture a list of all IDs present.

2. Update ASBVs
Get the latest ASBVs from either the SG website or from the Dohne database.
The SG search function will help find all your sheep, or send the tag list to the Dohne Database and request the latest ASBVs and grades.

3. Things you should be looking for include

  • Grade, are all sheep “R” grade.
  • Index, are any sheep falling behind on index.
  • Individual ASBVs – are the sheep up to your standard on individual traits.
  • Sex, sometime ewes are registered as rams by mistake, it’s worth checking.

4. Advantages

  • You will have a better understanding of your flock.
  • Opportunity to cull any low performing or unregistered sheep.
  • You will have the start of a mating list that will help fulfil Bylaw requirements.
  • Will be helpful with future NLW (Number Lambs Weaned) work.

5: Advanced applications
There is a tool developed by sheep genetics that will allow investigation into the results of joining certain sheep giving an understanding of, for example, inbreeding.