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May Newsletter 2022

Coonong Station Sire Evaluation  The AMSEA Dohne Sire Evaluation is progressing very well with the ewes Post Weaning Weight recorded on 1 April. The ewes averaged 52 Kg – includes 9 months wool. The ewes are looking fit and healthy having been crutched and drenched prior to the weighing. Classing of the ewes, includes Classers Grade  plus 14 Visual Sheep Score Traits, Body Weight, Mid Side Sample and complete fibre measurement is planned to occur in early June with results available for the Field Day. Continue reading

April Newsletter 2022

Australian Sheep and Wool Show Fingers crossed, it looks as though the Bendigo Dohne Tent will be up and running again this year from July 15 to 17. It is hoped that the new education based  revamp prepared 2 years ago involving both Moama Grammar and Longerenong Agricultural College will be the take home feature. Continue reading

March Newsletter 2022

On Wednesday 2 February 2022 Classing of the 2021 Drop ADBA Sire Evaluation Wether Progeny was conducted at Coonong Station Urana. A tremendous turn out from the Site Committee and some extra helpers made for a great day of data collection. Those attending commented on how well the young sheep looked given the tough seasonal conditions experienced over spring & summer. Once the wool is off them these lambs will surely go ahead in the feedlot. Continue reading

February Newsletter 2022

The Council and Members of the ADBA are sad to inform you of the passing of Graham Crawford, Goldvale Dohne Stud, Crystal Brook, South Australia on Friday 31st December 2021. Graham and Helen were one of the early members first using Dohne rams in 2000 and registering the Goldvale Stud, GV 089 in 2003. Continue reading

Meeting wool, lamb markets with Dohnes

"We can turn off lambs around 50kg at prices up to $160, so considering their ability to sustain weight and wool cut, I'm very happy." Commercial Dohne breeder, Will McClenaghan has had plenty of exposure to the sheep industry growing up in the New England region but an introduction to the Dohne breed over 15 years ago has changed the way he operates. 2003 marked the change for Mr McClenaghan, forming an association with a local Dohne stud that would point the operation of his 1000 acre property, ‘Balaclava’, Armidale, NSW, in a new, more versatile direction. Continue reading

Increasing Fertility and Nutrition with Dohnes at Green Creek

The Robsons bought Green Creek, near Fords Bridge, north west of Bourke, as an investment opportunity in 2002. At the time, Mr Robson was working as a storeman and truck driver, and Mrs Robson was a chiropractor at Bacchus Marsh in Victoria. They leased the 12,000-hectare property for the first five years, then decided to run their own sheep, trialling Dohnes and Merinos. It was a steep learning curve in the first few years, but they soon learnt which breed was able to not only survive, but thrive in western country. “What we discovered was that the Dohnes won on producing more lambs, with a lot of twins or triplets, and from the Merinos, we were lucky to get one lamb,” Mrs Robson said. Continue reading

Dohnes a Good Influence


ALREADY benefitting from the excellent sheep country that is the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, Bill Nosworthy is ensuring his operation is one of maximum productivity.

‘Lake Hamiliton’, Mr Nosworthy’s 16,000 hectare property, sits on the… Continue reading

Dohnes Make Good First Impression

Mr Burger is impressed with the Dohne’s maternal traits, having had a solid run with his lambing this year, seeing his ewes on their second lamb hit 122% and maiden ewes reach a substantial 116%. Continue reading

Easy Choice When all Added up

DAVID Agnew is reaping the rewards as a result of his Dohne operation, with greater things on the horizon. Initially directing his focus to achieving solid body weight, Mr Agnew is now looking to fully experience what the Dohne can provide maternally, with a goal of increasing his already consistent lambing percentage. “Each year, we comfortably and consistently would achieve 125% lambing. Of course, I’m happy with this result but my experience with the breed leads me to believe that I can achieve close to 150% if I put in as much ground work as the ewes do in terms of maintenance and good feed,” said Mr Agnew. Continue reading

Dohne the Platform for Productivity

WOOL and livestock specialist Iain Goddard has been in the sheep industry for 25 years, giving him a wealth of exposure to multiple regions across Australia and the levels of success producers are having with their sheep-based operations. Experience and clientele combined, Mr Goddard has helped support many producers make on-farm transitions that will look to help them achieve maximum productivity and the best return off their livestock as possible. The platform for making these transitions is for his clients to benefit from solid fertility - achieving a higher percentage of lambing ultimately gives you more lambs, more wool and generally more product to sell. Continue reading

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