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November Newsletter 2019

October Ram Sale Results - Sale reports and photos on behalf of – Stock and Land,  Farm Weekly Continue reading

Dohne Maternal Traits Proving Worth

"I love the Dohne as they’re tough. We’re pushing our sheep much harder in that we’re shearing twice a year and looking to get 1.3 to 1.4 lambs out of her. They love fibre (roughage) and they’re good doers." Continue reading

Changing the Face of Family Sheep Farm

In 2007, Mr Cross was recommended the Dohne breed by his stock agent at the time, who spoke highly of their dual-purpose nature and ability to reap rewards across all areas of production, including high-quality wool, carcass and fertility rates. Mr Cross said, “To start, I bought two rams to try them out and was happy with the lambs, so continued to buy them.” Continue reading

The ‘Real Deal’ for Victorian Breeders

THE DOHNE sheep is the result of highly selective breeding, which developed a superior dual purpose sheep that commercial breeders Linda Taylor and Tony Wheat swear by. Linda’s family were proud Merino breeders on their 3,000 acres in Callawadda, Victoria since 1950. Linda returned to the property in 1995 after working overseas. They now have a sharefarmer onboard for the rotational cropping enterprise growing canola, wheat, barley and beans. This integrates with their increasing self replacing 18-19 micron Dohne flock. Continue reading

No Question about Quality

FOR SHEEP farmers, quality wool is a trait that can’t be sacrificed and the Dohne’s superior white wool makes them a breed that ticks all the boxes. This is the case for Dohne breeder Russell Coad who’s lived on his family’s Barunah Plains property in Victoria his entire life. Continue reading

Dohnes Fit the Bill Perfectly in Wagin

"My breeding objective is to ultimately produce a ewe that can wean her own body weight in lambs at 15 weeks, as well as produce a 5kg fleece." CLAYTON South, with partner Polly and sons Ky and Jarryn, run a 6500 head self-replacing Dohne ewe flock, on their 4900 hectares of owned and leased land at Wagin. They crop about 70 per cent of their property, sowing wheat, barley, canola, lupins and milling oats. Continue reading

The Dohne; An Asset to Merino Breeders in South Australia

"I think the Dohne-Merino has added so much versatility to the Merino breed that a self-replacing Dohne-Merino flock is highly profitable." WITH 45 YEARS experience in the rural industry, stud stock agent Tom Penna sees the Dohne as having a substantial impact on the type and quality of dual-purpose sheep now being bred in South Australia. Continue reading

The Value of ASBVs for the Commercial Producer

"Dohne breeding value, combined with a Classer’s Grading system means Dohnes have the most advanced across-flock evaluation system for sheep in Australia." Continue reading

Dohne Breeders see Potential to Market to Leading Global Brands

THE CHARACTERISTICS of Dohne sheep lend well to meeting the growing demand for non-mulesed practices, presenting opportunities for Dohne woolgrowers to take advantage of accreditation schemes in order to differentiate their wool in the marketplace. Continue reading

Dohnes Keep it in Cheque

“It saves us money and time, and gives us peace of mind not worrying that you should be around the sheep looking around for flies.” The dual purpose sheep means that Nick now grows high quality wool and a larger carcass. He explained,“They cover both areas with the meat and wool, so it limits the risk side if anything goes wrong with the market.” Continue reading
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