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May Newsletter 2022

Coonong Station Sire Evaluation  The AMSEA Dohne Sire Evaluation is progressing very well with the ewes Post Weaning Weight recorded on 1 April. The ewes averaged 52 Kg – includes 9 months wool. The ewes are looking fit and healthy having been crutched and drenched prior to the weighing. Classing of the ewes, includes Classers Grade  plus 14 Visual Sheep Score Traits, Body Weight, Mid Side Sample and complete fibre measurement is planned to occur in early June with results available for the Field Day. Continue reading

April Newsletter 2022

Australian Sheep and Wool Show Fingers crossed, it looks as though the Bendigo Dohne Tent will be up and running again this year from July 15 to 17. It is hoped that the new education based  revamp prepared 2 years ago involving both Moama Grammar and Longerenong Agricultural College will be the take home feature. Continue reading

March Newsletter 2022

On Wednesday 2 February 2022 Classing of the 2021 Drop ADBA Sire Evaluation Wether Progeny was conducted at Coonong Station Urana. A tremendous turn out from the Site Committee and some extra helpers made for a great day of data collection. Those attending commented on how well the young sheep looked given the tough seasonal conditions experienced over spring & summer. Once the wool is off them these lambs will surely go ahead in the feedlot. Continue reading

February Newsletter 2022

The Council and Members of the ADBA are sad to inform you of the passing of Graham Crawford, Goldvale Dohne Stud, Crystal Brook, South Australia on Friday 31st December 2021. Graham and Helen were one of the early members first using Dohne rams in 2000 and registering the Goldvale Stud, GV 089 in 2003. Continue reading

Christmas Newsletter 2021

Council has again this year been working on behalf of members to promote the Dohne breed and encourage breeders to maintain a high level of integrity and accuracy with data recording and reporting. The majority of members are to be congratulated on timely and accurate data submission which benefits both individual studs and the breed as a whole. The Sire Evaluation Trial being held at Coonong Station in NSW is progressing well, with data being collected as per AMSEA guidelines. An open day is proposed for June 2022 and will be accessible to any interested party. Continue reading

December Newsletter 2021

What a fantastic year 2021 has been, with sheep and lamb prices at exceptional levels and seasonal conditions being well above average in most regions of the state. Producers are celebrating. Dohne sale results this year have gone above and beyond with on property clearance rates up 5% to 94% on 2020 showing that ram breeders are having trouble supplying to the increased demand for Dohne genetics. Continue reading

November Newsletter 2021

Ram Sale Results for October, plus States' Year in Review Reports for Western Australia and South Australia Continue reading

October Newsletter 2021

Ram Sales Results Sale reports and photos on behalf of – Stock Journal, Farm Weekly, The Land September Sales Continue reading

September Newsletter 2021

Council would like to welcome and congratulate Lynda Farrow, Babirra Dohne Stud, Stansbury South Australia for being the newly appointed Councillor, alongside President Rachel Browne, Vice President John Nadin and Councillors Rhys Parsons, Greg Hall, Don Mills and Darren Gurnett. The National Promotional Committee would also like to welcome Lynda into the group and look forward to hearing Lynda's ideas moving forward. Members are reminded that the Councillors are here to serve the breed and assist members where possible and as such are encouraged to contact the Secretary or individual Councillors as the need may arise. Continue reading

August Newsletter 2021

As the newly elected president of the ADBA I would firstly like to thank John Nadin for his past five years in this role. John has been a great leader of Council and I hope to continue his good work. John will continue on as Vice President and I wish to acknowledge Rhys Parsons, Don Mills, Greg Hall and Darren Gurnett for their continuation as Councillors. We say goodbye to Allen Kelly after his many years on Council and thank him for his contribution. There is currently a vacancy, so should you feel the desire to gain better knowledge of how the association is run, have your say on how the association is run or feel it’s your time to contribute, please contact Cameron Hills to register your interest, alternatively I would be pleased to have a discussion about the role with you. Continue reading

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