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October Newsletter 2020

The ADBA would like to advise that the recent error in the Sheep Genetics Dohne top Sire list, due to the new search site, has now been rectified. For updated sire list please visit Continue reading

September Newsletter 2020

Members are reminded that the Councillors are here to serve the breed and assist members where possible and as such are encouraged to contact the Secretary or individual Councillors as the need may arise. Dohne sales have started across the country with some pleasing results. Good luck to those of you with upcoming sales. Continue reading

August Newsletter 2020

The Association’s Dohne Sire Evaluation Trial Committee is excited to invite Stud members to nominate sires for the 2021 Coonong Dohne Sire Evaluation Trial. The Committee is confident that this project will be important to the development of our breed in Australia, and are pleased to be working with the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association on this trial. The Committee would also like to acknowledge the enthusiasm of the site hosts; Tom and Sophie Holt of Coonong Station. Continue reading

July Newsletter 2020

Concerns over Coronavirus has meant the cancellation of many events including Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Lambex, Hamilton Sheepvention as well as numerous local shows and displays. It goes without saying studs still need to prepare for upcoming ram sales and will need to consider options around advertising, marketing and promoting your “brand”. Social and Digital media is everywhere in society today. The Dohne handbook is a great promotional item that covers all aspects of the Dohne breed. View and share this Dohne handbook with clients by email and/or social media platforms. Continue reading

June Newsletter 2020

Tissue Sampling Units (TSU's) are now the best method of collecting DNA samples for both parentage or Genomics testing. They protect the integrity and provide secure storage of the material. By using scanners and bar-codes, it is easy to send identifying files to the processing facility. TSU's are manufactured by Allflex and are available through your retailer; so are the application tools as pictured. Continue reading

May Newsletter 2020

Breeders are encouraged to collect blood samples from key sires and dams and send to Sheep Genetics. Any sheep can be sampled, but those with tested progeny will yield more rapid genomic results for the breed. Individuals may not see results in the short term, but as a breed society we need to get the genomics to back up our current testing and ensure we don’t get left behind in the technology stakes. Allen Kelly is the contact for more information, his details are on the sidebar. Continue reading

April Newsletter 2020

It was not surprising that his progeny were trait leaders for growth rates and Breech Wrinkle scores. What also showed was their evenness of type and excellent body conformation, in particular their legs and feet, which was vastly different to many other groups. This Dohne sire progeny group was average or above average for 3 out of the 4 Merino Select Indices. Continue reading

March Newsletter 2020

Ram Sale Results - 44 rams sold to $2750 and averaged $1370. The 2019 Balmoral Merino Sire Evaluation trial field day attracted nearly 300 from three states to inspect the sheep in the trial and listen to guest speakers. This year's field day will be held on Friday 13th March 2020. Continue reading

February Newsletter 2020

Australian Dohne Breeders and members were invited to the Annual Forum in Adelaide this month. For those in attendance the chance was had to become informed and educated on the proposed direction of the Association and the Dohne Breed. Daniel Brown and Emma McCrabb from Sheep Genetics presented on a number of topics: predominantly the proposed Combined Analysis, but once again gave insight and explanation on data collection, accuracy and helped breeders in a one on one setting to understand their individual queries. Continue reading

Christmas Newsletter 2019

Congratulations on the successful ram sales conducted across the country especially considering the drought much of Australia is and has experienced. Nationally rams sold at auction to a top of $13000 and an 82% average clearance rate. Continue reading
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