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October Newsletter 2021

Ram Sales Results Sale reports and photos on behalf of – Stock Journal, Farm Weekly, The Land September Sales Continue reading

September Newsletter 2021

Council would like to welcome and congratulate Lynda Farrow, Babirra Dohne Stud, Stansbury South Australia for being the newly appointed Councillor, alongside President Rachel Browne, Vice President John Nadin and Councillors Rhys Parsons, Greg Hall, Don Mills and Darren Gurnett. The National Promotional Committee would also like to welcome Lynda into the group and look forward to hearing Lynda's ideas moving forward. Members are reminded that the Councillors are here to serve the breed and assist members where possible and as such are encouraged to contact the Secretary or individual Councillors as the need may arise. Continue reading

August Newsletter 2021

As the newly elected president of the ADBA I would firstly like to thank John Nadin for his past five years in this role. John has been a great leader of Council and I hope to continue his good work. John will continue on as Vice President and I wish to acknowledge Rhys Parsons, Don Mills, Greg Hall and Darren Gurnett for their continuation as Councillors. We say goodbye to Allen Kelly after his many years on Council and thank him for his contribution. There is currently a vacancy, so should you feel the desire to gain better knowledge of how the association is run, have your say on how the association is run or feel it’s your time to contribute, please contact Cameron Hills to register your interest, alternatively I would be pleased to have a discussion about the role with you. Continue reading

July Newsletter 2021

Vale Bill Mildren - Sheep classer stalwart Bill Mildren passed after a long illness on June 9 aged 81. Although Bill had no official capacity within the ADBA he was a founding advocate of the Dohne and worked with many Dohne studs over a 20 year period including; Uardry , Koonik , Calga , DD, Havelock Park , Stirling , Glenaroua , Kardinia and Macquarie. Bill gave his lifetime to serving the sheep industry. Continue reading

June Newsletter 2021

The National Promotions Committee wishes to apologise to the Kelly family of Glen Holme Dohne Stud for the incorrect information that was printed on page 11 in the current Dohne Journal. The incorrect sire was printed in the graph and the CV should have read minus 0.8 better than the average. Continue reading

May Newsletter 2021

The initial phase of the evaluation will see the wether and ewe progeny separated at weaning. The wether progeny will be grown out, shorn and slaughtered at approximately 10 months of age. They’ll then be evaluated for growth rate and carcass traits - eye muscle, fat depth and evenness, intra muscular fat, meat to bone ratio and meat eating quality. Ewe progeny will be carried through and shorn post-12 months of age so that data surrounding fleece traits can be measured as accurately as possible. In the second phase of the evaluation, the maiden daughters of the sires will be joined and reproductive data will be collected, measuring their reproductive performance. For commercial sheep enterprises, reproductive performance is key. This reproduction focused evaluation will provide accurate data to speak to the Dohne’s ability to produce a very high percentage of lambs of exceptional quality. Continue reading

April Newsletter 2021

This sire evaluation will give the ADBA a chance to validate and give numeric credit to the breed’s Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) of individual sires from across Australia as well as within flock breeding values (FBVs). As all the progeny will be DNA’d the Genomic data collected will be invaluable. Sire evaluations commenced in 1989 and have primarily focussed on the evaluation of Merino sires over Merino ewes. This is the first trial in Australia and possibly the world where Dohne ewes are used to focus on evaluating commercial Dohne values. Continue reading

March Newsletter 2021

An excellent face to face ‘think tank’ meeting was held in Adelaide from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 February, with the Western Australian councillors attending by using the zoom platform. Zoom has been used regularly over the past year for council and subcommittee meetings. Councillors welcomed Darren Gurnett to his first Face to Face meeting and looks forward to working with Darren on Council matters. Thank you to Cameron Hills for once again organising this annual meeting and assisting in the provision of a well run and successful two days. Results and details from this meeting will be forwarded to members shortly. Continue reading

February Newsletter 2021

Sheep Genetics Dohne current Top Sire List as of the 15 February 2021. Since the inception Sheep Genetics has displayed a top Dohne sire list. For accuracy and merit, standard requirements (default) are progeny from 2 or more flocks and 15 progeny in the current drop. The search engine enables breeders a wider individual search but the actual top sire list is the default setting. Continue reading

Christmas Newsletter 2020

Members are to be congratulated on their ram sale results off the back of prolonged drought, low wool prices and low national breeding ewe numbers. Council has some exciting projects on the table for 2021. One in particular is the Dohne Sire Evaluation which commence’s with Artificial Insemination on January 25. A big thank you is extended to the Holt family for running the trial and providing the ewes, management and staff. Thank you to those members who have entered a sire, we have a great representation by state, genetics and ASBVs. The information collected from this evaluation will be invaluable in progressing our breed and, with the changing face of the Australian Sheep Industry, aid in seeing the Dohne flourish in years to come. Continue reading

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