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Dohne sire evaluation day at Coonong Station

Keen interest in the performance of their Dohne sires was evident during the annual sire evaluation field day at Coonong Station, Urana. Hosted by Tom and Sophie Holt, and introduced by Don Mills, Kardinia Dohne, Corowa, speakers focused on the latest sheep industry trends, updated analysis of the recorded progeny and future prospects for the breed. Continue reading

AMSEA Coonong Sire Evaluation Open Day

Coonong sire trial open day 21st February was attended by approx. 50 people including 8 sire entrant owners. Adult ewe updates to fleece and body were presented as well as final figures on the wether drop, as well as visual scoring and classing results. Udder and teat traits were collected and presented by Allan Casey. While there were not any huge variations in these scores as maidens, discussion did suggest that more variation would appear in the following years. Reproduction data was collected and reported from the maiden joining with variable results across the four components of reproduction. A second joining of the trial ewes from 30th November 2023 for 5 weeks and with scanning results collected the day before open day. Scanning results were reported as a mob-based result with 123% embryos. Continue reading

Sire evaluation open day set to deliver Dohne trial results

Ewe reproductive data from the Dohne Sire Evaluation Trial, along with the results of the meat-eating-quality tests will be released at an open day next month. The AMSEA Coonong Sire Evaluation Open Day will be held at Coonong Station, Urana, New South Wales, on Wednesday, February 21. As well as reproduction and meat eating quality additional comprehensive wool and growth performance will be released. Continue reading

Dohnes prove their performance in station trial at Coonong

Dohne sheep producers are embracing a range of technologies, including performance recording and genetic evaluation, to better inform their selection decisions and fast-track the progress of the breed. In collaboration with the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association, Dohne stud breeders have established an innovative sire evaluation trial at Coonong Station, Urana, NSW. Continue reading

Dohne sire evaluation day at Coonong

Hosted by Tom and Sophie Holt, on their Coonong Station, Urana, Dohne breeders from across the country gathered to see the results of the 2021-drop in the Dohne sire evaluation. This sire evaluation program compares the breeding performance of a Dohne sire by evaluating his progeny and their expressed traits relative to the progeny of other sires. Continue reading

Dohne sire evaluation focus

Fourteen sires were entered in the Dohne sire evaluation trial currently being conducted on Coonong Station, Urana, where hosts Tom and Sophie Holt welcomed Dohne breeders to view the progeny of the 2021 drop, and introduced Ben Swain, chief executive officer of the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association, who explained the depth of the results. Continue reading

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A Barunah Park farmer has increased his lambing percentage and profitability with 8,500 Dohne sheep.
Russell Coad ran a mixed cropping and sheep operation on 1800 hectares with his sons and changed up his flock about 20 years ago, never looking back.
Article courtesy of ACM Stock & Land
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Australian Dohne Breeders' Association
Australian Dohne Breeders' Association2 days ago
Here's a look at the history of the breed.