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Commercial Members Benefits

Become a Dohne Commercial Member

“Becoming a member is easy and beneficial to your business”

As an existing or potential breeder of Dohnes, commercial membership
is a very inexpensive way of exposing yourself and your business to both
historical and up to date information about this versatile and productive
Since the introduction of the Dohne to Australia in 1998, from South Africa,
the breed has seen constant growth. The most recent MLA sheep
breed survey showed that Dohnes have an influence in over 20% of the
Australian sheep flock.
The Dohne Council and Stud Breeders work tirelessly for breed improvement.
Council is working on promotion of the breed and implementing
industry networks to obtain the best possible financial returns for the
sheep and lamb produce you work so hard to produce.

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Dohne Commercial Member Benefits

  • Email newsletters
  • Access to advertise sheep for sale on Dohne website
  • Direct links to the SG website and sale catalogues
  • Info on Field days
  • Future plans for a Dohne QA lamb program
  • Sheep updates

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Is Dohne Commercial Membership for me?

If you breed Dohnes commercially, then yes, this is for you!

What will I get?

  • Email newsletters of breed developments and Dohne happenings.
  • The opportunity to advertise sheep you have for sale, or view sheep for sale on the Dohne website. This is free for commercial members and a one stop shop for your Dohne trading. Access is easy and we put the info onto the website for you.
  • Direct links to and training to use the Sheep Genetics website. This is a great way for you to view ram sale catalogues and compare rams you wish to purchase.
  • The Dohne Council is working on a Dohne QA lamb program in an attempt to get you, the producer more money for your product. This is a work in progress but an aim with a very real outcome.





  • ASBVs
  • Self Replacing
  • Prime Lamb
  • Apparel Wool
  • High Fecundity
  • High Fertility
  • Prime lamb dams
  • Hardiness
  • Quality Assured breeding system
  • Full Pedigree recording

For more info on becoming a commercial member email Rob Martin

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