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Dohne Lamb Delights All Stars MasterChef

2020 All Stars Masterchef contestant Hayden Quinn, was lucky enough to wrap his fangs around some very good Dohne Merino lamb from Trevor, Kaye and Nigel Bottrall’s farm “Greenslopes” in Jamestown, South Australia.

Unwrapping the lamb the high quality of the meat was immediately obvious just from looking at the different cuts; the deep red meat is surrounded by a consistent, milky white fat layer which is perfect to ensure the meat remains tender and moist during cooking.

The fat content of the Dohne breed allows the lamb to remain lean, but not so lean as to lose flavour or allow the meat to dry out – just the right balance. And to be honest, probably my most favourite part on any lamb would have to be the “tails” on the lamb chop, and the Dohne tails were exceptional.

When you start talking about fat the first thing people think of is that it is bad for you. But what a lot of people don’t know is that over half of the fat in a grass-fed lamb is unsaturated fat (like that of olive oil, avocado etc). So a little bit of lamb fat isn’t too bad. Not only does this mean good flavour, it also means a healthy lamb.

Other health benefits of Dohne lamb include being high in protein and iron, packed with B vitamins and zinc which is easily absorbed into the body – just what every growing Aussie kid needs! Eating the Dohne lamb the meat is beautiful and tender, succulent and juicy and perfect for any methods of cooking.

2020 All Stars Masterchef contestant Hayden Quinn

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