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Dohne rams top at $20,000 during Conference

July 25, 2016 – by Kim Woods Outcross Media


Dohne rams sold to a top of $20,000 under the hammer and by private treaty during the inaugural Global Dohne Conference last week.
The multi-vendor National Ram Sale was held as part of a gala function at Dubbo, NSW, on Friday, and drew 13 vendors offering 39 lots.
A total of 23 rams sold for a gross of $110,750 and average of $4815.
The top price ram at $20,000 came early in the sale as Lot 1 offered by Graham and Susan Coddington, Roseville Park Dohnes, Yeoval, NSW.
The May 2014 drop ram, sired by Roseville Park 140055, was bought by a syndicate comprised of Richard Beggs, Nareeb Nareeb Partnership, Nareeb Nareeb, Vic, Darren and Jodie O’Brien, O’Brien Dohnes, Kyancutta, SA, and Chris Clonan, Alfoxton, Armidale, NSW.
Vendor Graham Coddington described the ram as the best he had ever bred.
With a Dohne index value of 130.6, the ram had a post weaning weight ASBV of 1.5kg, post weaning eye muscle depth of 0.90mm, post weaning fat of 0.80, yearling clean fleece weight of 7.5kg, yearling fibre diameter of -1.10 and yearling diameter coefficient of variation, 0.20 per cent.
“His features are his bold crimping wool, length of body, frame, structure and his pedigree,’’ Mr Coddington said.
He said although the sale was tough in places it drew commercial support from all parts of Australia.
Purchaser Richard Beggs said the wool and overall purity of the ram appealed.
“One thing I’m really chasing in my Dohne’s is fat and he had excellent shape,’’ Mr Beggs said.
As Australian Dohne Breeders Association president, Mr Beggs said rams sold to stud and commercial producers in most states.
“There were a lot of quality rams and the stud rams sold well,’’ he said.
Second top price was $10,000 paid for Lot 12 by Peter Conn, Kombyana Dohnes, Wellington, NSW for Lot 12 offered by Peter and Margot Hughes, Gullendah stud, Baldry, NSW.
Mr Hughes said a 50 per cent semen interest was retained in the 2013-drop 20.1 micron ram.
“He is a proven sire and we have two drops of lambs by him showing excellent promise, being well muscled and with good wools,’’ he said.
Ian and Steph Longmire, Mollerin Rock Dohnes, Koorda, WA, paid $8500 for a ram from Fiona Cameron, Koonik Dohnes, Nurcoung, Vic. Koonik also sold another ram for $5000 to Greg Peterson and Jude Eustice, JAG Dohnes, Hahndorf, SA.
Among the volume buyers were Tom and Sophie Holt, Coonong Station, Urana, NSW, paying $7000 for a ram offered by Calga Dohnes, Coonamble, NSW, and $1000 for a ram from DD Dohnes, Moama, NSW.
John Nadin and Greg McCann, Macquarie Dohnes, Warrren, NSW, paid $5000 for a ram sold by DD Dohnes and $2500 for a March shorn ram from Ulooloo stud, Hallett, SA.
Macquarie stud also sold a semen share for $5000 in a 2015-drop ram to a syndicate of Chilean breeders and Lot 7 for $8000 to Stephen and Di Perry, “Wyndabyne’’, Warren.
During the conference, Greg Andrews and Nicole Luckraft, Hamilton Run Dohnes, Jamestown, SA, sold a ram privately for $20,000 to Jose M Gutierrez M. from Chanarcillo stud, Chile.
The March shorn, 2013-drop stud sire, Hamilton Run HR130004, had a double cross of Mountbatten on the dam side.
The ram has a weaning weight ASBV of 4.2kg, post weaning weight of 4kg, yearling weight of 3.8kg, post weaning fat of 0.2mm, post weaning eye muscle depth of 0.3mm, yearling clean fleece weight of 8.0kg and a Dohne index of 141.6.

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Buyers of the $20,000 top price ram Darren and Jodie O’Brien, O’Brien Dohnes, Kynacutta, SA, Richard Beggs, Nareeb Nareeb stud, Nareeb Nareeb, Vic, vendors Graham and Susan Coddington, Roseville Park Dohnes, Yeoval, NSW, and buyer Chris Clonan, Alfoxton Dohnes, Armidale, at the National Dohne Ram Sale.


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Garry Tretheway, BKB, South Africa, purchaser Jose M Gutierrez M., Chile, with vendor Greg Andrews, Hamilton Run Dohnes, Jamestown, SA, and the $20,000 ram.

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