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Dohne Sheep For Sale


Lot 903 – Auctions Plus

Tuesday 8th March 2016

Age – 3.5- 3.6 Years

Weight Range
Shorn – 14 Feb 2016 Not Crutched

Pabra has been Breeding Dohne Sheep for several years using Macquarie Dohne Stud Rams, Maiden Ewes are Classed Annually for frame & Wool quality by John Nadin the Stud Principal.

Bloodlines – Macquarie Stud Dohne Rams have been used for several years Maiden Ewes classed Annually.

Assessor Comments
A Line of Young Framey Plain Bodied Classed Dohne Ewes that would suit the restocker to join to Rams of your choice. Ewes have been Classed on Frame & Wool Quality, these Ewes are normally scanned each year with the dry’s sold.
Danny Duff (Level 1 Professional)

Owner:  Clark Birch & Sons “Pabra” Cunnamulla Qld 4490, CUNNAMULLA, QLD

Agent Contact :  Danny Duff 0428 731 693, (07) 4655 1233 or


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800 Ewes Pabra 8th March 2016