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Dohnes Make Good First Impression


A FRESH face on the Dohne scene, Grenville Burger is keen to build his crossbred flock from the ground up and the results are already speaking for themselves.

‘Glynbrae’ sits at 500 hectares, 12 kilometres west of Penshurst, Victoria, home to Mr Burger’s Dohne Corriedale cross ewes.

Only the second year Mr Burger has been working with Dohnes, his first impression of the breed’s influence was that they provide a good breeding foundation and his flock are already “doing exceptionally well.”

“Whilst our Dohne Corriedales are presenting profitable cuts of wool and maintaining solid bodies, my ewes are also proving to be fantastic mothers, which is ultimately what I’m after and exactly what I’m getting,” said Mr Burger.

“We join them to a terminal sire, which is usually a Suffolk or White Suffolk and I’m extremely happy with the product I’m getting on the other end.”

Mr Burger is impressed with the Dohne’s maternal traits, having had a solid run with his lambing this year, seeing his ewes on their second lamb hit 122% and maiden ewes reach a substantial 116%.

“This year’s lambs are magnificent already and aren’t being sold until December so I’m expecting to get some bang for my buck from the Dohne influence come sale day,” said Mr Burger.

“From what I’ve observed since bringing the breed in, the mothers appear to handle our conditions better. We’re in a typically high rainfall area, averaging 28 inches and they’re proving ideal in the wet as a low maintenance, good doing sheep.”

As well as success in lambing, Mr Burger has experienced what the Dohne can provide on the wool front during his 2019 shearing, with 9 months fleece growth cashing in 1200 cents per kilogram.

“For as long as I’ve been exposed to the breed, I’m yet to come across a Dohne that is poorly conditioned. They’re strong bodied, produce quality wool and their attributes really enhance those that they’re crossed with,” said Mr Burger.

Their structure is an ideal foundation for breeding and I have noticed in particular that they don’t get lame compared with the Merinos I’ve ever dealt with.”

Having only just begun his venture with the Dohne breed, Mr Burger is looking forward to continue building his crossbred flock throughout 2021.

Grenville Burger and his working dogs mustering his Dohne Corriedale cross ewes, with lambs at foot by terminal Suffolk sire.

Original article written by Nicola Wood, October 2020.

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