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Fashion brand takes up wool traceability


FRENCH-INSPIRED Australian brand Blue Il­lusion is the latest clothing label to tell its traceable fibre story, tracking its woollen garments back to the farms where they were grown.
As clothing brands around the nation dig deeper into their supply chains to learn exactly where their fibres are sourced, it’s wool traders like Fox & Lillie that are support­ing them to help showcase their traceable fibre story.
Fox & Lillie operates the largest Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) accredit­ed program in Australia, Genesys, which aims to con­nect woolgrowers with lead­ing brands both in Australia and around the world who wish to source verified qual­ity assured wool produced from animals that reach top welfare standards. Fox & Lillie’s processed trading man­ager David Martin said the company was increasingly working with brands such as Blue illusion to support them with their wool sourcing.
“Brands are diving deeper into their supply chains and becoming more informed about the fibres they are sourcing.” he said.
“As a result, we are seeing more collaboration along the supply chain – which is a really positive step for our industry. Not only are we able to provide traceability to these brands, but we are also able to connect our woolgrowers with the wool products that their fibre has gone into producing.”
Mr Martin said demand for RWS-certified wool has developed year-on-year, with Fox & Lillie receiving growing inquiries in particular from its European and American customers. He said it was incredibly important to show people that their fibres came from a good place.
“It’s an incredible oppor­tunity to show consumers the care and dedication that growers have for their animals that produce such a beautiful, natural and re­newable product,” he said.
“The most important aspect under the RWS cer­tification is the worldwide adopted practice of the five freedoms for animals. That is a really important aspect of RWS that animals are raised in accordance with the five freedoms. It’s a really responsible, sound way of producing animals because we can show they are being raised in the best possible scenario in the environment we expect them to run in.”

BEST: The Responsible Wool Standard program, Genesys, connects woolgrowers with leading brands that want to source verified quality assured, ethically produced wool.

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