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June Newsletter 2018

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Council Report

The Council was disappointed to receive the resignation of ADBA Life Member; Allan Casey from the ADBA Council, as the Association’s Technical Advisor, and as Chairman of the Technical Subcommittee. Members will know of Allan’s immeasurable contribution to the body over many years, that included playing a vital part in the development of our core resources including the Association’s Bylaws and the Ram Breeders’ Manual. Allan has offered to assist the Association nonetheless in an informal capacity, and as such we welcome his ongoing willingness to contribute.

Allan Casey at the 2016 Global Dohne Conference.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM of the ADBA has been set for Saturday, July 21 in Bendigo, to coincide with the Sheep and Wool Show. Members are invited and encouraged to attend. The Shamrock Hotel will be the venue, with the AGM roll in at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. A selection of finger food will be provided and bar facilities are available for those who would like refreshments. Please RSVP to Cameron Hills for catering purposes. Accommodation will be the responsibility of the individual please.
For more information contact Cameron Hills 08 8210 5229

International Dohne Merino Conference and Tours Report – Argentina and Chile

The international delegation consisting of 14 Australians, 9 South Africans, 2 New Zealanders, 6 Uruguayan’s left the temperate, warm and humid Uruguay and headed to the windy, cold and dry Patagonia region of southern Argentina and Chile.

The southern Patagonia region has an average rainfall between 200 and 400 mm per annum. The summer temperature averages 6.7 degrees Celsius and the winter a mere 3.1. A vast difference to the 1200-1500 mm annual rainfall in Uruguay. However, the hospitality, like the Uruguayan’s, was incredible.

The harsh conditions and low protein native grasses suited the Dohne and we once again saw some tremendous Dohnes.

A day with no sheep saw the delegation travel through the magnificent Torres del Paine National Park.

A highlight was tramping through the snow at Hugo Vera’s, Josefina Stud.

A big thank you to Gabriel and Pena Capurro, all the hosts for their hospitality, the interpreters and a wonderfull delegation. A lot of fun was had by all.

International Conference Presentations:
John Nadin – “The Dohne in Australia”
Conference Paper and Conference Presentation

Rachel Browne – “The Dohne’s future in the Australian Sheep Industry”
Conference Paper and Conference Presentation

Display at Cabana Las Vegas Stud, Argentina.

Delegates feeling the cold in Chile.

Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2018
Thank you to all studs that have entered Sheep in the Dohne marquee at the 2018 Australian Sheep and Wool Show. A record (13) number of studs are attending in what is the largest and most prominent Sheep show in Australia.
Studs represented;
West Wail
DD Dohnes
South Australia 
Glen Holme
Hamilton Run


  • All sheep must arrive by 6pm Thursday 19th July.
  • All sheep must stay until 5pm Sunday 22nd July.
  • All sheep are to be tethered during the day from 9am until 4:30pm.
  • All attendees must be a member of the Australian Sheep Breeders Association (ASBA).
  • Straw bedding, panels, stud signage and A4 pamphlet holders are supplied.
  • It is advisable to bring your own feed and water containers.
  • All exhibitors must be current members of the association.
  • All exhibitors must return a signed conditions of entry form, National Vendor Declaration, Sheep Health Statement, copy of Brucellosis accreditation, OJD status and ASBA membership number to the association secretary by Friday 8th June. No entries will be accepted after this date as these details need to be submitted to the ASBA.
  • Entry fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the show.
  • Judges decision will be final and exhibitors have no wright of appeal.

Sheep Week – 18 to 27 June

SHEEP Week will be returning for its second year in 2018, after a successful first year, and the event is expanding to nine days across Victoria, south-east South Australia, and further north into New South Wales.

The Dohne will have a strong presence at Sheep Week, with exhibitors at 6 different locations.
Exhibitors are open from 9am to 5pm.
Day 3 – Wednesday 20th – 301 – On-Farm Corowa, New South Wales
Day 4 – Thursday 21st – 403 – On-Farm Glenaroua, Victoria
Day 5 – Friday 22nd – 508 – On-Farm Glenthompson, Victoria
Day 7 – Monday 25th – 701 – Group Display St Arnaud, Victoria
Day 7 – Monday 25th – 706 – On-Farm Nurcoung, Victoria
Day 8 – Tuesday 26th – 801 – Group Display Penola, South Australia

Sheep Genetics Upcoming Regional Forums
Western Australia
Katanning – 10 July
Moora – 12 July
Registration for these is via the Sheep Genetics website.

Brett’s Blurb (Brett Wilson, Dohne Data Manager)
I have had a little rush of Dohne data for the 21st of May analysis, which is nice to see. It is time to start looking forward and thinking about getting your data in. My main concern is the 21st of July analysis, I will be in Spain representing Australia in my shooting for that analysis run. I fly out of Sydney on the 19th of July, any data to be included in the July 21 analysis needs to be submitted to me prior to the 17th of July.

Sheep Genetics Reports: Episode 6.
The Sixth report from Sheep Genetics that needs investigating is the Exclusions summary. Not all studs have data excluded from the analysis and may not get this report. If you have not seen one of these reports that is a good thing.

This report is summary of the data for your stud that is excluded from the analysis.

This is a very simple report but can be worth checking and fixing errors if found. An example of the report displayed below.

The report is broken into sections based on the year of drop, this is shown in the first column of data. Also listed the 16 digit ID of the lambs in question.
The second column lists the trait that the error has been found in.
The next 7 columns of data list the value in question, and general information about the rest of the groups information for that trait.
Finally, the last column lists the reason why the data has been excluded.

The most common reason for the data to be excluded are:

  1. “StDev>4” This is code for the data is more than four standard deviations from the mean. That means the data is not likely to be real and has been excluded. Not the animal just that one little piece of information. From the picture above look at the last lamb listed “152340” it has a Hogget FDCV of 41.2, the group average is 19.2. 41.2 is not likely to be a real CV value and has been excluded.
  2. “Invalid” This usually means that data submitted is not a valid number, like the 0.0 for YWT on lamb 162736.

There are other examples, if you cannot understand what the problem is, send me an email.

Next time I will continue finish reviewing the sheep genetics reports looking into the final report “Pedigree Problems” report, till then happy data collecting.

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