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November Newsletter 2017

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Council Report

Membership Renewals
2017/2018 membership is now overdue. A reminder that for stud registration to be renewed a current copy of breeders’ Brucellosis Accreditation must accompany the membership form and also no sheep will be registered unless membership is current.

Uruguay trip
Don’t forget to register your interest for the Dohne tour post the WMC in Uruguay.

Post WMC
Dohne Tour Monday 16 April to Friday 20 April.

Argentina and Chile tours to follow date and program TBA.

If you have any questions about this, please contact John Nadin 0427 474 610

Ram Sale Results
Sale reports and photos on behalf of – The Land, Stock & Land, Stock Journal, Farm Weekly

August Sales
Hamilton Run, Jamestown SA
FULL CLEARANCE 82 Dohne Rams offered and sold.
Topped at $3800 and averaged $1730.
Full Sale report – Click Here

Greg and Darcy Andrews with Landmark Jamestown’s Shannon Jaeschke, top Dohne ram buyers Peter and Heather Holmes, Hill View Dohne stud, Streaky Bay, and Elders Jamestown’s Scott Fleetwood.

September Sales
Glenlea Ram Sale, Katanning WA
86 rams sold to $2000 and averaged $1086.
Full Sale report – Click Here

The $2000 equal top price buyers Paul Webb (left), Eagle Ridge stud, Cowell, South Australia, Glenlea stud principal Alex Leach, Katanning, Peter Holmes, Hillview stud, Streaky Bay, SA and Landmark auctioneer Mark Warren at last week’s ram sale at Katanning.

Koobelup Ram Sale, Katanning WA
97 rams sold to $2500 and averaged $1147.
Full Sale report – Click Here

The top-priced Koobelup Dohne ram which sold for $2500 to Unicup clients, RJ & BJ Friend was with Tim Keogh (left), Elders Perth, Elders Darkan representative Wayne Peake, buyer Bryce Friend with Koobelup stud principal Ian Hanna and Ian’s daughter Brittany.

Mollerin Rock Ram Sale, Koorda WA
88 rams sold to $2100 and averaged $911.
Full Sale report – Click Here

Mollerin Rock Dohnes owners Ian (left) and Stephanie Longmuir with buyer Paul Izzi, Badgingarra and Elders Koorda agent Wayne Maher with the top-priced ram at last week’s ram sale.

Harold Park Ram Sale, Mayanup WA
7 rams sold to $1200 and averaged $1100.
Full Sale report – Click Here

Wilfred Le Steere (left), Boyup Brook, buyer Ashton Hood, Kojaneerup, Harold Park Dohne stud principal Harold Wass and Australian Dohne assessor Bevan Taylor talking shop before the sale.

Chirniminup Ram Sale, Nyabing WA
FULL CLEARANCE 151 Dohne Rams offered and sold.
Topped at $3650 and averaged $1920.
Full Sale report – Click Here

Landmark auctioneer Mark Warren (left), with the $3650 top price buyer Cameron White, HT, B & RE Seaby & Son, Mukinbudin and Chirniminup stud principal Rachel Browne.

Barbirra Ram Sale, Mt Pleasant SA
FULL CLEARANCE 29 Dohne Rams offered and sold.
Topped at $4700 and averaged $2182.
Full Sale report – Click Here

Babirra’s Robert Farrow, Landmark Mount Pleasant’s David Schultz, Richard Kroehn, Eden Valley, Elders Minlaton’s Adam Pitt and Landmark Riverton’s Glen Keast.

Hyland Ram Sale, Geuire NSW
31 rams sold to $2500 and averaged $1256

Wayne Lowe Inverell, Brad Wilson, Karen, Joe, Lana and Maisy (2yrs) Hyland.

Far Valley Ram Sale, Arthur River WA
118 rams sold to $3100 and averaged $1396.
Full Sale report – Click Here

With the top priced ram of the sale which sold for $3100 were Elders State livestock manager Tom Marron (left), with the new owners of their stud sire Ian and Steph Longmuir, Mollerin Rock Dohne stud, Koorda, with Far Valley studmaster David Kain holding the ram and Elders Williams agent Graeme Alexander.

Kintail Park Ram Sale, Jerramungup WA
154 rams sold to $3500 and averaged $1643.
Full Sale report – Click Here

With the $3500 top price ram at last week’s Kintail Park Dohne sale were Landmark Breeding representative Roy Addis (left), Kintail Park stud co-principal Rhys Parsons and buyer Laurie Lowe, C-View Dohne stud, Esperance.

Chirniminup Ram Sale, Northam WA
FULL CLEARANCE 38 Dohne Rams offered and sold.
Topped at $3100 and averaged $1239.
Full Sale report – Click Here

With the $3100 top-priced ram at last week’s Chirniminup Dohne ram sale at Northam were Elders auctioneer Preston Clarke (left), buyer Mark Travers, RV Travers & Co, Bolgart and Chirniminup principal Rachel Browne, Nyabing.

Commercial Articles
It is important as a breed to promote the attributes of the Dohne and how they perform against other breeds and in different regions.
If you have read an article in your local newspaper or know of a story please let Tanya Barton know so it can be promoted on the ADBA website and social media.

Brett’s Blurb (Brett Wilson, Dohne Data Manager)
Dohne Compliance
“The mission of the Australian Dohne Breeders’ Association’s is to professionally develop a superior dual purpose sheep with a marketing edge, which is competitive in meeting the present and changing needs of the livestock markets, the consumer and the industry.
The Association seeks to achieve this mission by:

  1. Maintaining the integrity of the breed whilst developing its positive traits, both nationally and internationally.
  2. Developing breeder’s skills by providing high quality, accredited educational courses which meet the diverse needs of the membership and the industry.

There has been some Dohne compliance issues come up this past Ram selling season which has the potential to downgrade the “integrity of the breed”. I understand the need to save costs but the Dohne system is structured so that breeders and buyers are supported by our rigours Quality Assurance system.

There are two key areas of concern:

  1. Dohne Membership
  2. Ram Sales

To be a registered Dohne member and to take advantage of the Dohne marketing advantage all breeders must be paid up finical members of the ADBA. It is now part of my role to check membership status of all Dohne breeders submitting data, if your membership is not up to date your Dohne data will not be included in the Dohne database or in the Dohne analysis and lambs will not receive a registration status.

There have been Dohne Ram sales this year that have sold Dohne Rams for breeding purposes that have not met the Dohne rules.
The Dohne system has independent inspection of all Dohne lambs and combined with my data quality assurance work each sheep is assigned a Final Grade. There are 3 Final Grades; R (Registered), C (Cull) and UR (Unregistered).
From the Ram Breeders Manual “A ram with a Final Grade of R is a high quality commercial or stud ram. Only R grade sheep are able to be mated in registered ram breeding flocks. Only R grade rams are to be sold from registered flocks for breeding purposes to commercial flocks.”
“All rams with an R Final Grade have satisfied the Dohne Standard of Excellence, which indicates that rams have met the strict quality requirements for soundness that are imposed by the Dohne Breeding System.”
The information below from the ADBA ram Breeders manual clearly defines the end result for each Final grade.

Grade Suitability of each grade of ram:

  • R (Registered) • A ram with a Final Grade of R is a high-quality stud or commercial flock ram.
  • C (Cull) • Not suitable for use as a ram in a stud or commercial flock. • Rams with a C grade must not be offered for sale for breeding.
  • UR (Unregistered) • UR grade is assigned to a sheep that cannot meet all the quality assurance requirements, such as the level of pedigree and performance recorded. •Rams with a UR grade must not be offered for sale for breeding.
  • P (Pending) • P grade is assigned to a young sheep before their Final Grade is allocated. At this stage sheep will have met some but not all their requirement. • P grade sheep must not be offered for sale for stud or commercial flock breeding.

It is very clear that only “R” grade Dohnes should ever be offered for sale.

Next time will be a close look at the Sheep Genetics Reports.

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