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BRUCE PEAT Riverside Meats, Echuca Victoria

MR PEAT runs lambs in 48ha blocks of saltbush, and supplements with barley, mineral mix and silage.
Average daily gains are 350 grams across the 45-50 day feed period.
Mr Peat has been impressed with the Dohne’s easy care traits, fertility and mothering ability.
He said the continued challenge of the wholesale meat industry was the catalyst for his company Riverside
Meats to explore new ways to market lamb.
The family launched a branded saltbush Dohne product, Three Rivers Specialty Meats, in 2016.
“When we started marketing the lamb, we didn’t know where it would take us,’’ Mr Peat said.
They’ve been successful in raising the awareness of the trade to the different eating qualities between lamb breeds.
“The comment we get is that it’s a sweet meat with no lanolin taste or fattiness, and a lot of the chefs have been using the fat in their sauces to bring out the flavour. We are not big operators – we process about 5000 lambs a week so have to do something different to be rewarded for what we do. The Dohne has been good to us and the benefits have been enormous”.
Three Rivers Specialty Meats has been nominated for the Delicious Magazine produce awards.

Bruce Peat value adding his Dohne lambs.

Original article courtesy of Kim Woods, OutCross Media

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