Apparel Wool, Meat for a Feast

The Dohne - The Smart Choice

"Other breeds have tried to emulate the Dohne, but the rigid breeding philosophy over nearly 80 years puts the Dohne at the forefront".

See why Dohnes are the choice for the next generation!

FERTILITY - Non-seasonal breeders with a high libido and fecundity.

ASBV's - Embracing modern up to date performance breeding strategies.

MATERNAL - Lambing ease with excellent milk production.

EASYCARE - Self-replacing mules-free flock with high performance meat and wool productivity.

MEAT - Lean and high yielding carcasses with even fat distribution.

WOOL - Apparel wool averaging 5-6kgs at 18-21 micron-quality AAAM.


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"The dohne is the ultimate self replacing, maternal breed of choice".

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