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Western Australia – Awex and wool buyers acceptance


WOOL buyer Steve Noa said that Dohne wool is up there with its Merino counterpart being snapped up in auction rooms across the country to fill orders for Chinese and Indian processors.
“If Dohne wool is well bred and looks like Merino wool, it will go straight into a Merino order,” said Mr Noa, a senior wool buyer for Queensland Cotton in Western Australia. Dohne wool sporting crimp definition and characteristics on par with Merino wool is bought for the same rate at auction. “We have a policy whether it be Merino or Dohne wool: if it doesn’t look right, we won’t buy it.”
He said the bulk of the Dohne wool he bought was 21 micron, however, some Dohne wool he had secured was as fine as 19.5 micron, with all the wool being used for apparel.
The buying process has been simplified with Dohne wool now classified as AAAM – no longer AAAM Dohne.
Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) chief executive Mark Grave said the Dohne wool consistently showed it was a low risk fibre when it came to medullation of dark fibre and that it was very similar, if not the same, as Merino wool.
The change of the branding of Dohne wool to AAAM is part of the new AWEX code of practice.


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