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August Newsletter 2019

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Council Report

All members are reminded to be fully compliant before their ram sales commence for 2019.
This includes ADBA membership, Sheep Genetics membership, Brucellosis accreditation as well as all outstanding accounts with the ADBA being settled. Council appreciates your compliance to the Association and wishes all members well in their upcoming sales.

AGM Report
The 2019 Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday night 20 July at Bendigo, Victoria, in conjunction with the Australian Sheep and Wool Show. This event was well supported by members, with Australian Wool Network as our guest speakers prior to the AGM. The association would like to thank AWN for their presentation.
After two years on Council, Murray Rogerson has stepped down. Murray’s contribution to the breed has been enormous; three years as Victorian president and numerous as Vice President and four years heading up the Show and Sale Subcommittee. Although only a one term Councillor, Murray’s input has been invaluable and gave three in depth Power Point presentations during his tenure.
2019 Council; President John Nadin, Vice President Rachel Browne, Councillors Allen Kelly, Rhys Parsons, Greg Hall,  Don Mills.

AWN display at the AGM, Cynthia Jarratt, and Peter Hayman.

Australian Sheep and Wool Show Report
With a new layout to the Dohne Marquee, traffic flowed well around the sheep and fleeces on display.
The Dohne show bags were a huge hit with approximately 400 being handed out, these show bags contained the 2019 Dohne Journal and the Dohne marquee show booklet.
Again this year record numbers of people visited the Dohne display over all three days.
Congratulations to the show committee for running such a successful event.
Thoughtout Friday and Saturday guest speaker Dr. Ben Linn DVM, BSc (V.B) Veterinary Consultant, from The Mackinnon Project conducted Tech Talks which were very educational to visitors.
Sheepmatters, Anthony Shepherd had a display in the Dohne marquee showcasing the SmartShepherd system and before leaving on Saturday afternoon Anthony did a short presentation on the SmartShepherd system.
Moama Anglican Grammar School, teacher Danielle Garden and her agriculture students assisting studs during the showing of the their Dohne rams, thank you for your assistants.
This year’s showing first round was conducted in states, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia “State of Origin” and then winners from each state went into the National Champion judging. Congratulations to all studs receiving ribbons, for the showing and fleece competitions.
A big thank you to our judges, ADBA Classers Rick Power, Michael Elmes, Phil Venning, and Elders associate judge Charlotte Treloar and recording judge Elders Tegan Falkner and also Elders Tom Penna for being master of ceremonies.

Greg Hall presenting MC Elders Tom Penna with a thank you gift.

Elders Tom Penna drawing a crowd in to the Dohne Marquee.

State of Origin Judging
VIC Champion Single Ram sponsored by AWN
Champion Ram Stirling ST170013
Reserve Champion Ram Koonik KDS172182
3RD Place West Wail WW170229
4TH Place Koonik KDS161915

Elders Charlotte Treloar and Tegan Falkner with Murray Rogerson holding Champion Ram Stirling ST170013.

VIC Champion Pair sponsored by AWN
Champion Pair West Wail
Reserve Champion Pair Glenaroua
3RD Place Koonik

West Wail, Luke Ellis, with Allen Kelly assisting hold Champion Pair with sponsor AWN Peter Hayman, Elders Charlotte Treloar, and Tegan Falkner.

NSW Champion Single Ram sponsored by Central West Genetics
Champion Ram Macquarie MD174684
Reserve Champion Single Ram DD Dohnes DJ172729
3RD Place Kardinia KD171141
4TH Place Uardry UC174383

John Nadin holding Champion Ram Macquarie MD174684.

NSW Champion Pair sponsored by Central West Genetics
Champion Pair Macquarie
Reserve Champion Pair Kardinia
3RD Place Calga

SA Champion Single Ram sponsored by AWI
Champion Ram Glen Holme AJK172565
Reserve Champion Ram Ulooloo ULO170164
3RD Place Ulooloo ULO170235
4TH Place Glen Holme AJK174098

SA Champion Pair sponsored by AWI
Champion Pair Ulooloo
Reserve Champion Pair Ulooloo
3RD Place Glen Holme

Elders Charlotte Treloar, Ulooloo Rob, Liz and Greg Hall, with Neville Triplett assisting hold the reserve champion pair, Elders Tegan Falkner, sponsor AWI Wendie Ridgley and ADBA Classer Michael Elmes.

National Champion
Grand Champion Single Ram sponsored by Elders
Grand Champion Glen Holme AJK172565
Reserve Grand Champion Ulooloo ULO170164

Elders Tegan Falkner and Charlotte Treloar with ADBA Classers Phil Venning, Rick Power, and Michael Elmes with Grand Champion Dohne ram being held by Allen Kelly, Glen Holme.

Grand Champion Pair sponsored by Elders
Grand Champion Ulooloo
Reserve Grand Champion Macquarie

Ulooloo – Liz, Rob and Greg Hall, with Grand Champion pair ULO170164 and ULO170195.

Dohne Marquee – Fleece Competition
Three Dohne Fleeces, 12 months sponsored by Fox & Lillie Rural
First Place – Macquarie
Second Place – Tablelands
Third Place – Ulooloo

Single Dohne Fleeces, 12 months sponsored by Sheepmatters
First Place – Macquarie
Second Place – Ulooloo
Third Place – Stirling

Elders Tegan Falkner, sponsors Sheepmatters Anthony Shepherd, Macquarie John Nadin and Elders Charlotte Treloar.

Three Dohne Fleeces, 6-8 months sponsored by Landmark
First Place – Glenaroua
Second Place – West Wail
Third Place – Ulooloo

Single Dohne Fleeces, 6-8 months sponsored by Landmark
First Place – Glenaroua
Second Place – West Wail
Third Place – Macquarie

Elders Tegan Falkner and Charlotte Treloar, Glenaroua Alistair Greenshields and sponsors Landmark Shannon Crowe.

ASWS Landmark Dohne Fleece Competition
Dohne Ram Fleece
First Place – Stirling
Second Place – Kardinia
Third Place – Glenaroua

Winning Dohne fleece Stirling.

Dohne Ewe Fleece
With a clean sweep across the board to Caroonboon Margie Pye.
Champion and Reserve Dohne Exhibits
First, Second and Third Places

Winning Dohne Fleeces Caroonboon.

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