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May Newsletter 2021

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Coonong Station Dohne Sire Evaluation 
The initial phase of the evaluation will see the wether and ewe progeny separated at weaning. The wether progeny will be grown out, shorn and slaughtered at approximately 10 months of age.
They’ll then be evaluated for growth rate and carcass traits – eye muscle, fat depth and evenness, intra muscular fat, meat to bone ratio and meat eating quality.
Ewe progeny will be carried through and shorn post-12 months of age so that data surrounding fleece traits can be measured as accurately as possible.
In the second phase of the evaluation, the maiden daughters of the sires will be joined and reproductive data will be collected, measuring their reproductive performance.
For commercial sheep enterprises, reproductive performance is key. This reproduction focused evaluation will provide accurate data to speak to the Dohne’s ability to produce a very high percentage of lambs of exceptional quality.
Although early days, the evaluation is already progressing well with ewes looking to be in good condition, with initial figures indicating that lambing time should be a success.
Updates on the sire evaluation program will be shared will industry as evaluation phases conclude, with
consideration that the process relies on accuracy and vigilance to ensure that results are viable and of value to sheep breeders across Australia.
Timely Data Submission
Brett Wilson needs to check all Dohne data before submitting it to Sheep Genetics on the 7th and 21st of each month. To make sure your data runs in the analysis you require, you must have your data to Brett 3 business days before the analysis runs.
All members are reminded that stud Ewe Mating Lists are to be submitted to the data manager in a timely manner.

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Sheep Genetics Dohne Top Sire List
Sheep Genetics Dohne current Top Sire List as of the 4 May 2021.
Since the inception Sheep Genetics has displayed a top Dohne sire list. For accuracy and merit, standard requirements (default) are progeny from 2 or more flocks and 15 progeny in the current drop. The search engine enables breeders a wider individual search but the actual top sire list is the default setting.

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