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September Newsletter 2023

With joining and preg scanning completed, lamb marking was next on this year's agenda for the Coonong trial. On a good clear winter day, the 9th August was lamb marking day at Coonong. The day included regular lamb marking procedures with trial addons of EID tagging, DNA sample collection, breech and body wrinkle scoring, bare breech scoring and dark fibre inspection and detail. A total of 401 lambs were marked for the day, with the next operations being ewe classing and shearing as well as lamb weaning and weight measurements planned for September. Continue reading

Dohnes working a treat at Raywood

The dual-purpose attributes of the Dohne breed have given mixed farmer and livestock agent Mick Crapper, a significant boost in the fertility and productivity of his sheep operation. Based at Raywood in central Victoria, Mr Crapper and his wife Margaret introduced Dohne sheep to their enterprise mix about six years and continue to be pleased with their performance. Continue reading

Dohnes prove their performance in station trial at Coonong

Dohne sheep producers are embracing a range of technologies, including performance recording and genetic evaluation, to better inform their selection decisions and fast-track the progress of the breed. In collaboration with the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association, Dohne stud breeders have established an innovative sire evaluation trial at Coonong Station, Urana, NSW. Continue reading

Ethical Outback Wool shines from Coonong Station

It was a conversation in the middle of the dusty yards that changed the future for Coonong Station. And it's a pretty impressive future - taking a fleece grown on the brown grasslands and blue skies of the Hay Plains and transforming it into magnificent blankets and clothing. For Coonong Station's Sophie Holt, it is a dream come true, and with her husband Tom, son Thomas, as well as her incomparable business manager Maggie Lahore, they are creating something very special on Urana soil. Continue reading

August Newsletter 2023

What a busy time we had at Bendigo!! And what an exciting year is ahead! It was great to see a good crowd coming through the Dohne Marquee and to welcome our visitors from Merino Dohne Uruguay, to our displays and competitions. Huge congratulations to Darren and his Show Committee for a well-run event. Judging occurred on all three days, plus Saturday we held the AGM in the evening, followed by the General Meeting. Kate Brabin gave an overview of the ADBA Strategic Plan and John Buxton talked predominantly about WEC. Sunday for the first time Dohne Merinos were represented in the Inter-breed Competition as a prelude to being the Feature Breed at ASWS in 2024. Continue reading

Sounness family, Denbarker wins WAMMCO producer of the month award

"MEASUREMENT is critical," "information is power" and "if we can measure it, we can do something about it" were key catchphrases used by WAMMCO's May Producer of the Month, Greg Sounness. Mr Sounness, his wife Linda and his parents, Robert and Pam farm 607 hectares (1500 acres) at Denbarker. Continue reading

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