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Dohnes Push Gross Margin In Low Rainfall

“The Dohne is the most profitable in varied locations, which is not surprising given their dual purpose nature”. Continue reading

Dohnes Utilise Feed Better

“Dohne lambs are also definitely stronger at birth – I’m sure that’s what has helped us up our lambing percentage”. Continue reading

Dohnes improve market opportunities for Narromine producers

A SHIFT to Dohnes has led to improved lambing percentages and marketing opportunities for the White family at “Alvaholme”, Narromine. Patrick and Leanne White, in partnership with Patrick’s parents Pat and Gail, made the change from a self-replacing Merino operation about six years ago. About 1500 ewes, mostly third-cross Dohnes, are run on on the 1950-hectare property, alongside a large farming operation which includes another 680ha of leased country. Continue reading

Dohnes Drive Profit & Growth For Farmanco

“The great thing about Dohnes is that they've got the right breeding objectives and they are completely measurable.”  Continue reading
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