Apparel Wool, Meat for a Feast


Ethically grown wool

WHEN three women pas­sionate about wool set out to establish a natural wool brand, they couldn't imagine their stock would sell out to international customers, but the team at Ethical Outback Wool did just that and now they're trying to keep up with demand for high quality, ethically and naturally-pro­duced Dohne wool. "Ethical Outback Wool is a showcase of what the Dohne can do. Dohnes will handle anything that you throw at them and still produce magnificent wool." Continue reading

Circular label embraces wool

AN AUSTRALIAN ethical fashion brand, a fashion manufacturer and wool ­growers who supplied them have been connected in a new traceability partnership through wool broker Fox & Lillie. Circular fashion label, A.BCH, used Dohne wool within its A.34 thermal shirt which incorporates range which incorporates wool grown at 10 different properties. Continue reading

Accurate genetic data is king

TWELVE months ago, Gundagai Lamb offered its world-first value-based lamb grid, paying producers on lean meat yield, weight and intramuscular fat, with feedback on animal health at an individual carcase level. The measurements are also inputted into the new MSA model for sheepmeat, which will predict the eating quality of nine cut by cook method outcomes (grill and roast) for each carcase. Continue reading

Bringing wool cut and chops

TIM Buxton is a dedicated wool grower. However, the changing market conditions for wool and meat has resulted in a change of breeding objectives for the Buxton family. But when they decided to look for a dual purpose sheep that would produce a good carcase while still growing a terrific fleece, they found that you can't go past Dohnes. Dohnes have given the Buxtons another income stream from their ability to sell the wether lambs for slaughter. "Dohnes just do better, and they are easier to run," he said. "They gain weight faster-you put green feed in front of them and they grow. It took the drought for me to realise how good they were." Continue reading

Top lambs, wool at Aberfoyle

THE early growth, heavy carcase weight and easy-care traits of the Dohne breed are helping the Currey fam­ily achieve strong results for their quality lambs and wool. Based near Walgett in the state's north-west, Mark Currey and his parents Jim and Sue, made the change to Dohnes more than 10years ago. "We've done very well with our Dohne lambs, we are definitely getting an extra four to five kilograms on our carcases compared with when we were run­ning Merinos." Continue reading

Wool from farm to you

The problems associated with having her home grown wool processed into garments and other woollen products was made only to obvious to Sophie Holt, when she set out on her journey to process the lambs wool grown on the Dohne sheep, she and her husband Tom raise on the family property Coonong Station, Urana. "We process our Dohne wool into blankets and jumpers," Mrs Holt said. "Its all Coonong Station Dohne wool and we sell it under the name Ethical Outback and is sold online and at various shows." Continue reading

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