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Chilean and Uruguayan farmers make the most of their visit to ASWS

Many sheep breeders from South America have headed to the Australia's leading sheep show to gain insights, exchange ideas and judge many breeds of sheep. Jose M. Gutierrez is breeding 200 Dohne sheep on his farm, Chanarcillo, near the remote Punta Arenas region on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, Chile. Continue reading

Macquarie Dohne stud, Ballimore credits win to an even set of rams

Congratulations to all studs receiving ribbons, for the showing and fleece competitions at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo VIC. Dohnes will be the 2024 Feature Breed at Australian Sheep and Wool Show Continue reading

Dohnes set to impress at Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Dohnes are set to make a big splash at this year's Australian Sheep and Wool Show. But that is only the beginning - next year Dohnes will be the feature breed at the huge Bendigo event, and organisers are already preparing for a big showing. Continue reading

Influence is expanding

Mr Goddard said breeders were responsible for doing a good job to improve the structure of the Dohne. "The structure of the Dohne has improved and the quality is fairly consistent right through the breed because breeders have set a standard and because of that they are using trained assessors, which means everybody is on the same page and they are establishing consistency." Mr Goddard said "Having achieved traits in fertility and size, I believe a lot of studs are now placing a heavy focus on making them an even more reliable wool-producing breed. "This is something that will solidify them as the go to dual purpose sheep that won't see producers have to compromise and that can only have positive outcomes for everyone." Continue reading

History of the Dohne breed

DOHNE sheep have been ticking all the boxes since its inception in South Africa in 1939 and introduction to Australian in 1998. The aim of the Dohne has been well defined, with the breeding objective to im­prove meat, wool and repro­ductive traits. Continue reading

Pursuing breed excellence

POSITIVE SIGNS: Consultant Geoff Duddy believes the fertility and lamb survival of the Dohne compared to the traditional Merino is one of its greatest advantages. He confides that the Dohne holds numerous ad­vantages. In fact, it might be a trifle easier picking Lotto numbers than finding de­merits in the breed. "Primarily their fertility and lamb survival compared to our traditional Merino is their biggest plus," he said. "Other advantages include being a true dual-purpose breed offering producers improved meat yield from an animal producing wool of similar quality to the Me­rino hardiness (ability to not only survive but reproduce) under harsh feed conditions and clean points so reduced risk of flystrike."   Continue reading

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