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Western Australia – Awex and wool buyers acceptance

WOOL buyer Steve Noa said that Dohne wool is up there with its Merino counterpart being snapped up in auction rooms across the country to fill orders for Chinese and Indian processors. Continue reading

Dohnes handle the dry at Cunnamulla

DOHNES have proven their ability to handle the sometimes harsh conditions on the Clark family’s property “Pabra”, near Cunnamulla in south west Queensland. They run between 2000 and 3500 ewes, depending on the season, with the operation traditionally running a Merino flock. Continue reading

Wool and meat value makes Dohne a winner in South Australia

“The Dohne cross lambs will achieve daily weight gains of 320-360 grams compared to Merinos on 260-280 grams,’’ Mr Head said. “Dohnes are easy care, plainer sheep with the ability to cut 4.5-5kg of wool and lamb at 10-15 per cent above the Merino.” Continue reading

The Dohne does stack up well financially

“The Dohne sheep presents a very different alternative to sheep producers than previously available sheep genetics in Australia. With emphasis on both meat and wool traits, it presents the potential to have a true dual purpose sheep, which provides an alternative to the fine or medium wool Merinos and specialist prime lamb breeds or composites that have been traditionally used in sheep enterprises.” Continue reading

Dohnes Drive Profit & Growth For Farmanco

“The great thing about Dohnes is that they've got the right breeding objectives and they are completely measurable.”  Continue reading


Delivery of the RamSelect workshop and subsequent development of and flock profiling has successfully addressed the key barriers identified by industry stakeholders in the 2011 needs analysis. It is fully anticipated that and flock profiling using genomic technology will become major tools for driving genetic gain across the sheep industry, using the power of ASBVs. Continue reading

Dohne lambs deliver Producer of Month

"I believe they are more drought tolerant than Merinos.." WYALKATCHEM producer Steve Gamble was quite chuffed to learn that his Dohne lambs had won WAMMCO’s Producer of the Month title for March, 2017. Continue reading

Hoof and hook competition remembers well known farmer

The annual Dubbo Show All Breeds Prime Lamb Hoof and hook competition is a much loved event, that allows local and regional breeders to showcase their best lambs. Continue reading

Western Victoria; Dohnes shine

I had to look at the Dohne through Dohne eyes not Merino eyes. A lot of people, when they first saw the Dohnes, looked at him through Merino eyes and saw them cutting less wool. After two or three crosses we could see a kilo of less wool. However, a thousand ewes cutting a kilo less of wool at $8 a head you've lost $8,000 but if they have 15 to 20 percent more lambs at a store price of $80 to $100 you could be anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 better off per thousand ewes. Continue reading

The Maternal Qualities of the Dohne

Everyone would agree that the maternal qualities of the Dohne ewe are perfect for Australian conditions. They are survivors - resilient and fertile. They are natural mothers who produce and rear high performance lambs. Our challenge is to manage them more effectively to get the optimal results using their exceptional mothering abilities. Continue reading
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